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The Fastest Electric Skateboards

Everyone likes to travel fast, we all love fast cars and fast rides. Electric skateboards aka E-boards have become super popular over the last few years. They are very practical for commuting to school or work because they are small, mobile, convenient and above all, they are really fun to ride.

The ability to drive and ride fast, the adrenaline rush and the power that is behind top speed is very thrilling. Now the boards we are talking about below should only be used at top speeds by very experienced riders. So, what are the fastest electric skateboards?

In our opinion, anything over 37 miles per hour has to be considered extreme. To get those speeds the electric boards need four motors, one driving each wheel.

Baja Pantera

The Baja Pantera board model definitely knows how to take off accelerating from zero to 31 miles per hour in less than three seconds. The top speed is 44 Miles Per Hour

It’s also no slouch when it comes to range – with a 180-190lbs rider, the Pantera Range is up to31 miles on a single charge.   

The black alloy suspension structure makes it a board good enough to be taken on the rockiest tracks but again we do recommend that you ride it only if you’re an experienced boarder.

Carvon Evo

The carvon Evo is fast – There are plenty of features that it comes with but its speed is the real reason anyone would buy this board. Not many boards can reach 50 MPH but this one can.

This battery pack can power the EVO 4WD for up to 25 miles while being able to power the e-board up to its top speed. If you are a speed junkie, this is a good choice.

Cycle Eagle XCountry 2S

Okay, the Cycle Eagle XCountry 2S isn’t as fast as the other boards, but it comes at a much better price tag and still reaches 27 MPH. They also have a 4 engine model with better suspension but the speed is the same.

Compared with 4S, 2S is aimed at riders who are interested in getting the experience of off-road but instead of rough roads, they mostly ride on pavement and light grass and still go fast. The biggest difference between 2S and 4S is that 2S has less two motors and two belt drive system. Although 2S is not as powerful as 4S, it still has the same excellent shock absorption performance. That should be the best choice for all-terrain commuting!

Electric skateboard technology has really come a long way in these last few years and some of these boards are crazy fast.

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