DNA 72 mm 78A Shark Wheels


The DNA 72mm, 78a Shark Wheel is simply built for longboarding. Big on performance the DNA wheels have a wide length-to-width ratio. This gives them a low center of gravity, incredibly low friction, but also crazy good grip because of its wide footprint. Scientific tests have been done on the DNA wheels comparing them to the leading wheels in the industry. These tests were performed using the same material, durometer and diameter wheels. The DNA Shark Wheel showed a 15% rebound and wear advantage, which translates directly to speed and longevity. Use DNA Shark Wheels for transportation on one of our Longboards. You can use them for insane freeride sessions, or bomb hills. Never has a wheel been built for so much comfort, speed, and grip at the same time. 5 star reviews all over the internet, the DNA wheels will have you kicking pebbles out of your way, traveling faster, and sliding up a storm. There’s nothing you can’t do with these little beasts, including riding in style. California style. The perfect balance between speed, grip, and long lasting overall performance its biggest advantage is going over rough terrain. Say goodbye to your fears going over pebbles, debris, dirt, water etc. because the sine wave pattern will literally kick objects right and left out of the way as you roll. DNA wheels are longboard wheels that rate at the top of the charts in all categories.


72mm 78A hardness set of 4 Shark wheels


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