Blank Bamboo Skateboard



  • Deck Only
  • Complete +$70


  • 7.5″ x 30.75″ Blank
  • 7.75″ x 31.125″ Blank
  • 8.0″ x 32″ Blank
  • 8.25″ x 32.25″ Blank
  • 8.5″ x 32.25″ Blank
  • 8.75″ x 32.5″ Blank

Enjoy the natural beauty of this Bamboo Blank deck. Pop. Strength. Sustainability. This deep-concave, 4th generation bamboo hybrid deck features a new and improved construction resulting in longer lasting durability and performance. POP is the #1 feature!


MORE POP: Skaters are always asking how to get more POP and we are here to tell you that the answer is SKATE BAMBOO! Our customers and team riders rave about the pop that they get from these boards. Try it for yourself and impress all of your friends with more pop when you’re doing tricks.

LAST LONGER THAN MAPLE: These professional boards are made with bamboo which makes them lighter and more flexible so that they harder to break. Bamboo absorbs shock better so that they do not break when landing tough jumps or tricks. Our boards last weeks and sometimes months longer than maple boards.

STRONGER AND MORE FLEXIBLE THAN MAPLE: These pro boards have been tested for strength and are the strongest on the market. We have even driven over the skateboards with a car and the strength and flex of these boards keep it from breaking under the pressure. So, if you’re doing intense tricks and jumps, the flex and strength of this board will help you land the craziest tricks and jumps without breaking your board.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Bamboo Skateboard are made out of the highest quality bamboo which is an eco friendly and sustainable material. These boards are a 6 ply bamboo and maple hybrid which improves the sustainability while maintaining strength. We are committed to reducing maple deforestation by providing eco friendly alternatives that work even better than conventional Canadian maple decks!

AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE SIZES: These deep concave blank decks are perfect for all levels from pro to beginner and are available in 7.0″ x 28″, 7.25″ x 29″, 7.4″ x 30″, 7.5″ x 31″, 7.75″ x 31.5″, 8″ x 31.75″, 8.25″ x 32″, 8.5″ x 32.25″, and 8.75″ x 32.25.

Artist Information:

6 ply bamboo/maple hybrid

Non carbonized; lighter colored texture

Glue used in our decks is water-based and complies with European Standard EN71


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