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How to remove the grip tape from your skateboard

How do you remove the grip tape from your skateboard?

Learn a quick and easy method to detach it from the deck.

When your grip tape eventually gets dirty, slips, doesn’t work, and can’t be repaired, you may want to consider removing your old grip tape and replacing it with a new sheet.

So why not just tear it off? Because it’s not that simple. The grip tape is glued to the deck of the board.

There are several methods to get a seamless removal without residue, but the most effective and popular technique really only takes a few simple tools.

Here’s what you’ll need to remove your worn grip tape:

1. A straight edge razor blade or a Swiss Army knife;

2. Blowdryer;

How to DIY 

The first thing you need to do is take the trucks off your skateboard.

Once you’ve removed all the hardware from your skateboard, it’s time to start peeling off that old grip.

All you have to do is grab one end of the skateboard and heat the edge with a blowdryer to warm up and loosen the glue.

Take the razor or knife and place it slightly under the grip tape at a 45-degree angle to unglue a small part of it.

Go around the entire perimeter of the deck. The goal is to prevent it from tearing or catching when you start pulling it.

Do not force the blade too much. Otherwise, you will cut directly into the grip tape.

Once you manage to be able to pick up the tape with your finger, slowly pull on it and make sure you can peel it off in one piece.

If it starts to tear here and there and tear to pieces, it will be harder. Be patient and take your time.

Once you get a generous piece of grip tape coming off, you can speed up the whole process.

Sometimes you will feel that the grip tape is really glued to the deck, which makes it difficult to remove with your hands. Use the blowdryer to warm it up again. The heat will melt the glue and allow you to pull the adhesive tape faster.

If you can, use one hand to hold the blowdryer onto the skateboard deck and the other hand to slowly take off the tape.

You will notice that in most cases the deck will reappear clean and almost new once you are done.

Tips and suggestions

If you are patient and remove it little by little and pull closer to it, you may be able to pull the whole grip in one quick motion.

The blowdryer makes it easy to remove the grip tape from your skateboard. In fact, you can do it in less than five minutes.

Often the hardest part is near the holes in the skateboard truck. Sometimes the grip tape may catch and begin to tear.

Finally, remove the excess grip tape and scrape the raised edges of the wood with the razor blade before applying a new sheet.

If you don’t have a razor or a good knife – either you’re too young or you’re afraid to use it – you can simply warm up your old grip tape while your fingers can easily pull it out.

Finally, make sure there is hardly any old glue before installing your new, brand new silicon carbide sheet.

In Summary

1. Remove the trucks

Remove the trucks on your skateboard.

2. Apply Heat

Use a blowdryer to melt the grip tape glue by holding the blowdryer over the grip tape until it is warm.

3. Peel

To remove the grip tape use a wide flat straight edge razor blade-like your Grandfather used to shave with. Get underneath the grip tape. Cut the edges while heating up the grip tape.

4. Keep Peeling

Once the edges of the grip tape have been peeled off, continuing warming and pulling up the tape.

5. Clean Up

Take your straight edge razor blade and gently scrape away any last bits of glue or tape. (A little glue is okay but the more you get off the better).

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