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Get To Know Your Skateboard Tool

What is a Skateboard Tool?

A skateboard tool is a handy tool that contains everything you need to put together your skateboarding setup. Skateboard tools generally have a T-shaped design. On the ends are matching hex keys for the nuts on the kingpin, axle pin and mounting kit. Each skate tool includes an Allen and Phillips wrench so you’re always able to tighten all the screws, regardless of which setup you are riding.

Skate wrenches are available in various sizes and shapes, although they are essentially the same.

Skateboard Tool Parts

Most skate wrenches have four main parts:

1) Kingpin adjustment: this is the largest socket on your skate wrench that is used to tighten or loosen the kingpin. Tightening it will make the trucks more rigid, while loosening it will allow them to turn more easily.

2)Wheel nuts: this a medium sized socket that is used for tightening or removing the wheel nuts that secure the wheels to a truck’s axle.

3)Truck bolts: this is the smallest socket on your tool and is used to adjust the bolts of your trucks. It is used in conjunction with number four.

4) A set of allen keys or a screw bit – this is used in conjunction with the number 3 to tighten your truck bolts or to remove them. Skate tools that are suited to skateboarding generally feature both an allen key and a screw head attachment for use with both types of truck bolts.

The two other pieces of equipment you will need are a file and a grip tape knife. Additionally, since these are used to grip your deck, you should purchase your own in order to use them with griptape, as your parents may not be pleased if you utilize your mom’s breadknife to cut through griptape.


In addition to the standard variants, there are skateboard tools with special features. 

For example, an adjustable joint makes it easier to tighten the mounting kit if the geometry of the truck makes it difficult to do so. Using an integrated file, contours can be designed before gripping and afterwards for softer edges on your grip tape. Some tools have both a clockwise and a counterclockwise ratchet so assembly by hand is even simpler.

If the threads of your axle pin are broken and cannot be secured with nuts, you can save your truck by using tap tools. Some brands make skateboard tools with taps, allowing you to rejuvenate your truck.

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