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Enertion R-Spec Drive Kit Unboxing

BEST ESK8 TECH | Most Powerful Hub Motor for Building DIY Electric Skateboards

We liked this video by Esk8 Builder much we decided to transcribe it (in case you don’t speak Aussie).

Building a stealthy, high-performance, high-torque electric skateboard has never been this easy. My name is Jason Potter, I’m the founder of Enertion boards and also the founder of one of the biggest electric skateboard forums in the world. My company Enertion is most famous for bringing out innovative high-performance electric skateboard components for DIY builders, people who want to make their own awesome Electric skateboards at home. Ok, I’m sure you all want to see what’s in the box. So, let’s do a quick, unboxing I’ll go through all the little bits and pieces that you get in this kit, and then I’ll do a little bit more in-depth explaining once I’ve got it all out. Let’s have a look. Ok. The first thing you see when you open the box is a focbox unity. This is an awesome product and I’ll go into more details about why it makes building Electric skateboards so easy in just a minute. Oh no, we’ve got this. It’s heavy. You can pump some weights with this guy. It’s two massive hub motors here. You probably can’t tell by looking at it, but there are motors inside these wheels, there’s also integrated liquid cooling technology so that you can really get maximum performance and keep the motors running cool.

We’Ve also got the front truck assembled with wheels and bearings everything ready to go. You get some truck risers one for the front and back truck bolts. You also get some circuitry there to help. You connect the motors and the unity together without a headache. Ok, so I’ll go through each part with a little bit more detail just so you know exactly what all this does so. Firstly, we’ve got the Focbox unity. This is an amazing product and you can buy it or you can get it added into this kit for only $ 199USD. So it’s really good value, getting it all as a bundle and it’s available on our website to order. Now, let’s have a look. What you actually get in this box and what is it it’s a dual motor control? This thing is amazing: it actually comes with an awesome app for Android and soon to be iOS that allows you to program everything from your phone set it up. You can even do things like set the speed limit, so if you’ve got young kids and you don’t want them hurting themselves going too fast, you can program things like that into it or you can fully tweak the performance if you’re into racing, and you want to leave everyone in the dust

So the focbox unity, it’s so simple to setup all you’ve got here. Is these connectors that go directly into the motor and we’ve also got a special adapter here, which makes it super easy plug it all in run the app it’s got an automatic wizard in there that sets it all up for you you’re, pretty much ready to Go in a matter of minutes, we’ve got standard, skateboard components here, like I mentioned, the risers we’ve got eight-deck bolts and the trucks get yourself a deck, get yourself a battery mount it all on to the deck and you’re really ready to go with a high-performance, Build in a matter of minutes, so if you want to get some really great ideas on how to build an awesome electric skateboard head over to our electric skateboard builders from the links in the description, you can see what people are doing. People have already got these. We’ve already shipped these out to people they’re in stock they’re ready to go, people are going to be building amazing builds with this stuff. We can’t wait. We’ve also got pro riders lined up, who are going to be making four-wheel drive skateboards with these. So don’t worry about that four of these motors it’s gonna, be crazy. They’Re gon na be racing. This summer, races are coming all over the world for electric skateboard enthusiasts now, so look them up check them out see what everyone’s doing it’s a real game-changer. It’s never been this easy to make an electric skateboard before

We’ve put in hours of engineering, research and development. We use this stuff on our own Raptor 2, so we’ve ironed out all the problems. We’Ve tweaked it the best we can to make it so easy for anyone to build. Now it’s available for you to order check out our website now place your order and we’ll get it shipped out worldwide in a matter of days. Ok, thank you for checking out this video. If you’ve got any questions, just write them in the comments below or do it on the forum with people there all day who are happy to help out and give you ideas on how to build amazing skateboards. So thank you again see you later.


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